Neutral Grounds was established in 2002 as a coffee house run on volunteers and donations with the goal of student outreach. For 15 years the founding group of Neutral grounds was dedicated to creating a safe space for college and high school students alike. Through hosting shows, gatherings and game nights, Neutral Grounds quickly became the go-to gathering place for students. It is our goal to maintain that legacy and build upon it all the more.

In 2017 the original founding members passed the responsibilities of Neutral Grounds to Eva Sander, with the goal of refurbishing and reopening the space. Eva recruited a team of students and alumni from Concordia to assist in the project and together we came up with the idea to create a self-sustaining space for our community through coffee, community, and a co-working space.


Neutral Grounds is a coffee community committed to providing quality coffee and espresso drinks to the city of Seward. Our coffee beans are from fair trade sources that support the coffee farmers directly and roasted by Cultiva, a coffee shop located in Lincoln. Coffee has become a key aspect within today’s culture and we aspire to provide quality coffee to build the foundation for our community.


Our overall goal is to give back to Seward. On top of providing a meeting and event space, we will host music and art events as well as community outreach programs in order to strengthen our city. We want to support Seward. Our end goal in starting this business is to utilize our profits to support those in need and to build up our amazing city. Culturally, we will host concerts, art shows and any other events to cultivate a community around the arts. Finally, we would like to provide a space for people to meet, work and collaborate.


As well as a coffee shop, Neutral Grounds will be open as a co-working space. This will provide a space for the workers and business owners of Seward to come work, meet, and network. We will have secured Wi-Fi, access to a private meeting room and printer/copier use. See our Rental Info tab for more details.


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